Please answer the following questions.  This information will be used to plan the evaluations as well as future academy seasons.  Thank you for your participation! Roddy Alt, CCSL Academy Director
What is your child's name? *

My child is: *

What is your child's current age? *

What is your child's birth date? *

Parent Name, Phone, & Email *

Although not required for our program, please list your child's organized soccer playing experience. *

f applicable, please indicate the level of your child's playing experience. (Check all that apply) *

The academy program through NCYSA is a fall and spring program; however, due to spring sports, our local participation has traditionally dropped off in the spring.  Requiring no travel for our spring season other than providing optional 3v3 tournaments is under consideration.  Please give me feedback on this idea.

Also under consideration is one yearly registration fee, eliminating separate fall and spring season options.  (multiple payment option will remain available)  Please give me feedback on this idea.

Please offer feedback on anything else that will help in planning the seasons ahead--facilities, fees, coordination with other area clubs, etc.

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